Challenge City 1

Challenge city is considered the largest indoor games city for children up to 14 years old in Kuwait that cover more than 3,500 square meter of playing zones with games designed especially for the city. For three days starting from 4 Feb 2016 at Kuwait international fair in Mishref. The city consisted three playing zones designed in a way to increase the children self-reliance and fair competition with their friends in safe and fun atmosphere. In addition to some entertainment s international shows. The city also included several restaurants which was selected very carefully were many restaurants and seating area.

It was a fruitful cooperation with more than more than 12
restaurant in the city, including :
Challenge city goals :
To incourage children to compete with their friends in
many games that required physical actions, and the city
was able to attract more than 3,000 visitors in 5 periods.
Marketing process :
we cooperated with governmental and private sectors
by offering special offers for their employees through
announcement regards challenge city by internal
newsletters, screens located inside the building,
advertising in their own website or agree to put roll-up
in the main entrance of the building. Such as :
Karak Gholam / Nestle tall house / nathans / scop a cone /
shrimz / kurtosh house/ twisty crispy /marble slab /manousha
/ bared laff / crunch / dr.jusice / paris creps / pizzeriaamami

State Audit Bureau of Kuwait
• General Organization for Social Insurance
• Public Administration Civil Aviation
• Ministry of Electricity & Water
• Ministry of oil
• Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
• Ministry of Interior
• Ministry of Information
• Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
• Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
• Public Authority For Housing Welfare
• Mabanee
• Restructuring the workforce and the executive of state Public
Authority for Industry
• Kuwait Information Technology Society
• International Clinic
• Faculty of Law
• Faculty of Administrative Sciences
• And many commercial and investment companies & banks .
Plus the schools and the summer clubs.


The event were covered and announced through the
aljareda newspaper in addition to many of the most
influential figures in social media networking like Dana
Ataiwarh / Hussein Ali / veeviwe and many ad pages like
New Kuwait and many bloggers.


Feb 2016



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