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About Us

Skills Entertainment Co. 

Continuous Happiness

Skills Entertainment Company is a Kuwaiti licensed company specializes in managing and hosting international entertainment events dedicated for the whole family. We rely on providing the latest international well-known entertainment events and shows that respects the traditions of Kuwaiti society since 2015.

Our Vision


Our vision is to make the entertainment feature in our
lives, to reach more effective and positive community.

Today, Entertainment become one of the most effective
ways in the Educational, teaching and training field.

Why Entertainment ?

Entertainment is a positive change in routine
life, that brings pleasure and happiness.
Life is short. The world is moving very fast.
Our need has no limit, so the real fun is
Inaccessible without professional people
parent it with their international experience.
From here our faith in the importance of the
entertainment was born. Then we start.

Skills Theater

Skills theater, In the heart of Kuwait City registered as a commercial multi use theater, Live build with state of art stage and seating full equipment that will help your event to be at its best.

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Kuwait City Al Salhiya
Sahab Tower Floor 18

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+965 22273888

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